Hearts or Minds?

Last week was Planned Giving Days, hosted by the National Capitol Gift Planning Council, and, as usual, it was an excellent opportunity to learn from a wonderful group of speakers and attendees. One presentation prompted an animated follow-up conversation.  “From Suspect to Prospect to Closing the Deal.” The speaker described her organization’s process of lead […]

Which Test Won?

by pfreedman on May 7, 2014 · 3 comments

Here’s an interesting result from Which Test Won about a web page test by the Belgian Yellow Pages.  Yes, the Belgian Yellow Pages.  They tested the use of icons for web navigation (top image, below) against links (bottom image, below).



Can you guess which one increased clicks on categories by 90.2%?

It was icons.  Now, take a look at your website.  My guess is that it’s heavy on the links and light on the icons.



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